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Catalina FAQ's and Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get there?

A: We recommend either boat or helicopter. Since there's no bridge, we cannot recommend driving here. Specific information on travel to Catalina can be found here.

Q: How big is Avalon?

A: Not very. Our year-round population is about 4,000 and the city encompasses around two square miles.
How big is the Island? A lot bigger than Avalon. It's 76 square miles, 20 miles long, eight miles wide at its widest (Long Point), half mile wide at its narrowest (the Isthmus), has 54 miles of coastline and reaches just over 2,000 feet at its highest point.

Q: What is there to do there?

A: Spas, shopping, dining, nightlife? Yep, we have those. Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, biking,  golf? Yep, those too. You can plan a vacation here that's chock-a-block with grueling eco-adventures or completely devoid of a single activity other than a book and the beach. There are plenty of things to do on Catalina or you can do nothing at all. Afterall, it's your vacation. What a more in-depth look at the things to do on Catalina Island? Check out

Q: Do you live there?

A: Yes. While the idea of commuting to work on a boat may seem romantic, it's not exactly practical in the long term. Most of us live here year round. We bring on additional staff in summer, some of which may live elsewhere in the slower season.

Q: Is there a school/hospital/church?

A: Yes, yes and yes, several. Avalon Schools serves kindergartners through 12th graders and is part of Long Beach Unified School District. Catalina Island Medical Center has an emergency room, skilled nursing facility and ancillary services. Regular provider appointments are also available during business hours. Several churches provide services in Avalon, including St. Catherine's Catholic Church, Avalon Community Church and the Catalina Bible Church.

Q: What currency do you use on the island?

A: Cowry shells and wampum beads. No, not really. Although it may seem like an exotic destination, the island is part of Los Angeles County, the state of California and the good ol' US of A. We like dollars. Or credit cards.

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